For every toothbrush sold, 

we plant 1 tree in Madagascar

1,5 Acres of forest is cut down every single second. On a yearly basis that is 46,923 square miles of trees! At this rate it would take only 700 more years for all forests on our planet to be completely destroyed.

That is why we need to step in. For every ecofriendly toothbrush sold, we will contribute 1 mangrove tree back to our planet.


We do so in cooperation with our official partner Eden Reforestation Projects, which is a non-profit organization that reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year.

Why Madagascar

Today, only 10% of Madagascar original forests remain.

Moreover, 75% of all species found in Madagascar do not live anywhere else in the world. It is imperitive that these forests get restored.

Why mangrove trees

Mangrove forests are better at storing carbon dioxide than most other forests.


Besides that, they act as fisheries, keep sediment in place, produce fibre and protect inhabited areas against storms and tsunamis.


Not only do we plant trees, we also help local communities.


Eden Reforestation Projects involves and hires local villagers for their tree planting projects, giving locals an opportunity to earn a decent income to provide for their families. 

See how this projects has changed peoples' lives in Madagascar


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